Healthy Lifestyle

During the menopause women can experience many symptoms but changing your lifestyle can dramatically improve them and improve your long term health.

Making small changes can lessen your risks of developing heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer and improving your emotional health. During my talks I explain things in easy to understand terms and being an experience nurse practitioner means I understand health.

I run workshops, give 1-2 hour talks in the workplace, provide individual consultations in your own home. and can organise a talk in any social setting.


What will I talk about?

Eating the Right Foods.

Who doesn’t rush around in the morning, are you unsure what you should be eating? or skip breakfast? 

Are you finding it hard to concentrate at work, by mid afternoon feeling tired and how you would love a quick nap?

Feeling tired, being forgetful and unable to concentrate can be a sign you are eating the wrong foods as well as the menopause. Some women put weight on and struggle to loose it, does it sound familiar?

I can discuss how the right foods can give you your energy back, to stay alert, concentrate at work, not feel exhausted all the time and of course to help you lose weight.

Staying Active

During the menopause women feel tired, joints ache and the motivation to exercise can be non existent.

Understanding how hormones can cause these symptoms is very important.  I discuss this, how you can have more energy and the types of exercises that improve your physical and emotional health.


If you or your employer would like to know more about Healthy Lifestyle talks please contact me for more information on

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Risky Lifestyle Choices

We all know we should cut down on alcohol, maybe loose a few kilograms, stop smoking and start to look after ourselves but do we understand why it is so important?

I will explain how addressing these can have a positive effect our blood pressure, hearts, risk of developing diabetes and cancer.

Small changes can dramatically improve your long term health. Remember most of us will be living into our 90’s. It is vital to make these changes as early into our menopause as possible.


Emotional Well-Being

Many women struggle with their emotions, especially during the menopause. Lack of confidence, anxiety and feeling emotionally flat are very common. These feelings can creep up on you; making you feel you just can’t cope with leaving the house, managing people at work or struggling with your relationships.

I talk with so many women who feel this way. The fluctuating hormones have a real effect of your emotional health but I can explain what is happening and how to find yourself again. And most importantly that you are not alone in feeling this way.

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