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Menopause or Just Me?

Welcome to Bourne2Care

I’m Diane Porterfield, a Nurse Practitioner with over 30 years nursing experience.

Teaching people how menopause can impact their home life, work and relationships is a subject I feel needs much more publicity. Many women are quitting their jobs as they feel unsupported and unable to cope with work. This shouldn’t be happening and employers need to address these issues.

I am committed to raising menopause awareness to all over the UK. I feel very passionately about ladies health and how menopause can effect women physically and emotionally. Do not let menopause and your hormones control your life, with education and treatment you and your families lives will improve.


It’s time to take control and start living again.

I can help make your menopause a positive experience.


We associate Menopause with ageing and who wants to be reminded of that? So many women tell me that it’s something ‘ to be endured’, well the answer is no it isn’t.  Women can begin to experience these symptoms in their mid 30’s so its vital we spread the word, the menopause word.


Identifying that you maybe menopausal is the first step to finding yourself again. This means seeking professional advice. With any health concerns it is vital you seek the advice of your GP.


I provide private menopause consultations within Beautoxology clinic, 3 High Street, Belbroughton, Worcestershire. DY9 9SY.


There is so much conflicting information around menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), many women feel confused and worried. You don’t have to, book an appointment with me.

After listening to your main concerns and discussing your health, I can prescribe you the best HRT or discuss other treatments to help. Together we can develop a plan of care to improve your physical symptoms, emotional well being and long term health. Symptoms of menopause can make women feel anxious, forgetful, exhausted all the time and many people struggle with work and relationships. Talking to an experienced nurse who understands the impact low oestrogen has on your health will make a huge difference.

Your 1 hour private consultation is £125 plus £20 private prescription.


I am offering reduced rates for Current NHS Staff, Police, Fire or any Emergency Service Personnel. Just bring your ID. 

£85 per 1 hour consultation and £15 for a private HRT prescription.


On selected dates and times each month. 


Please contact me for more information.


What my clients say

Diane has been such a god send. I made contact with her through recommendation from my best friend. I have suffered with menopausal symptoms and Diane’s advice and guidance has changed my life for the better. Michelle O'Reilly

I was one of the fortunate ladies who attended an evening meeting held by Diane from bourne2care, where she gave invaluable advice on the minefield that is the menopause. Along with a very sympathetic ear she also gave us up to date medical advice. A pleasure to meet you Diane hope to attend another meeting soon. Vicky Cummins

Diane is a wealth of knowledge on all things menopausal – really helpful and explains things really clearly. Would definitely recommend Diane to anyone. Sally Chambers

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