Menopause Or Just Me?

Wed, 11 September 2019

19:30 – 21:30


Primo Bar and Dining, 55 Sidbury, Worcester, WR1 2HU

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I’m Diane Porterfield, a nurse practitioner. I frequently see women who are having menopausal symptoms but don’t know what to do or which treatments may help.

Many women struggle working, find relationships are strained and can often feel emotionally low; if this sounds familar then maybe I can help you.

I have been nursing for over 30 years and understand health. It’s essential women discuss menopause with qualified health professionals. I am a nurse prescriber so discuss HRT in detail, dispelling the many myths.

Come join me for an informal evening.

Understand what menopause is, common signs/symptoms/treatments including HRT.

Learn more from a qualified health professional.

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